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Thanks to you and the entire team at E Group, my experience here at Southern Company has been superb. I believe E Group is by far the best contracting firm partnering with Southern Company. You foster a sense of community among your employees through prompt response, delicious free lunches, quarterly get-togethers, and kindness.


Technical Writer

I have contracted with many contract companies, but E Group has far been the best one I have worked for. I would rate E Group as #1.


CAD Operator

I just wanted to say how grateful I am to the staff of the E Group. They helped make my transition into contract work very comfortable … After meeting the other professionals employed with the E Group I will definitely recommend the staff to other potential clients.


Structural Design Consultant

Thanks for the info. I believe that you are the first recruiter in my 20+ years on the road that has ever bothered to let me know anything after the initial submission. Thanks again


Construction Buyer Candidate

I have been with The E Group since November of 2007. Since that time I have found them to be very friendly and helpful. One of the main reasons that I chose E Group was because of their outstanding benefits package. I compared several shops’ before choosing The E Group and found that the other shops benefits packages were more expensive and offered less coverage.

The support staff is very easy to work with, helpful and prompt when you need assistance. I have developed a great relationship with my fellow contractors due to the Bi-weekly company sponsored lunches.

For anyone looking for a great contract shop I would highly recommend the E Group.


Mechanical Designer / Scrubber Project

Marion is the best recruiter that I have encountered, and I am not kidding. It was a long process in my case when Southern began staffing up for Vogtle 3 and 4 and Marion was a real pleasure during the waiting period. She stayed in touch with me and I can’t say enough good things about her. I see all kinds of complaints on LinkedIn about recruiters and have had some unprofessional experiences myself. Keeping in touch with applicants regularly is extremely important especially when they are unemployed which was not my case with E Group, since I have been in that position. Even though I had a job and was waiting on Southern, Marion stayed in contact and I felt was honest and fair all the way. Julia, Nathan and everyone I else I dealt with was a real pleasure. E Group is first class all the way!


Civil / Structural Engineer Consultant

I have been a contractor for over 12 years and have worked for several contracting companies. When my contract came up for renewal recently with E Group, I also had two more lucrative job offers closer to home. Although, the choice I made to stay with the E Group was neither an easy nor a financially beneficial one, it was the right decision, much to my wife’s chagrin. Several intangibles were in play. Scott Ellis is a man of his word. My negotiations with him have been upfront and direct and he has so far, come through! I was recruited by Marion who has often kept in touch with me, especially during the pay day luncheon, which is a unique feature. Susan is caring, down to the vegetarian lunch that she gets for me even when the restaurant that they order from doesn’t carry any. Add to this the Christmas party! These may seem insignificant, but it shows that the E Group cares about its employees, instead of treating them as carpet baggers. I hope that our liaison is a long lasting one and E Group spreads its wings farther.


Nuclear Engineer Consultant

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