1. How often are paychecks issued?
  2. When is my timesheet due?
  3. How and when are paychecks delivered?
    Are paychecks available for pick-up?
  4. I really like working for the company where I was placed as a contractor. I would like them to consider me for full-time employment. Is this allowed?
  5. Do you offer benefits to contract and temporary employees?
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Answers to FAQ
  1. Paychecks are issued bi-weekly, with the close of the pay period being one week before the pay date.
  2. Depending upon the Client Company with whom you are placed, your time sheet will likely be submitted electronically for you.  If a manual timesheet is required, then you may fax or email same to our Human Resources Department no later than noon of the Wednesday that follows the close out of the pay period.
  3. You can be paid via direct deposit, or you may opt for us to mail your check directly to you.  A direct deposit form can be found under the General Employment Forms menu.  If you opt for direct deposit, the first check will be pre-noted to the bank.  This means that you will receive your first check in the regular mail, while the direct deposit routing information is tested.  Your Earnings Statement can then be viewed on-line from any location where you have internet access.  If you choose a paper check, then that check will be placed in the regular mail to you on the Thursday that immediately precedes the pay Friday.
  4. Yes. Please contact your staffing consultant to learn more and discuss this possibility.
  5. Yes. You can view our benefits offering by clicking on Employee Benefits.
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Employee Referral Fee Program

Over the years, we’ve found that our employees are a great source for finding more employees who have the skills our clients seek. We want to encourage and reward you for your referrals by paying you a bonus when someone who you refer to The E Group is hired by our client. Here is how the program works:

Who: Employees who refer an individual that is hired by our client will get a referral fee

Amount: $150 to $1000 - depending on the level and pay rate of the position assigned.

What: Referral means that you encouraged that person to sign up with The E Group. For example, giving your friend or colleague your recruiter’s business card, email address or phone number.

When: Payment will be made on the first pay date following the first pay period that the new employee completes 80 hours of work.

How: To get a referral fee, the candidate referred needs to be someone whom we have not been in contact with for the past year. It does apply to past employees or persons that may already be in our database, as long as we have not been in touch with them in the past year.

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Contract Employee Benefits

The E Group's available consultant benefits are set forth in the attached "Benefit Option Form".
A summary of the benefits follows:

401k with Matching
The E Group matches 10% up to the 1st 8% you invest. Employees are immediately eligible and fully vested.

Short Term Disability
Premium depends on your age and rate of pay. If you do not apply within the first 30 days of employment, then you will be prohibited from making application until the open enrollment date of the policy – September of each year.

Long Term Disability
Premium depends on your age and rate of pay. If you do not apply within the first 30 days of employment, then you will be prohibited from making application until the open enrollment date of the policy – September of each year.

Term Life Insurance
Guaranteed issue amount of $50,000.00. Premium depends on your age. You may apply for a higher dollar amount of coverage; however, anything over $50,000.00 is not a guaranteed issue. If you do not apply within the first 30 days of employment, then you will be prohibited from making application until the open enrollment date of the policy – September of each year.

Group Health Insurance
Blue Cross/Blue Shield health, dental, and prescription coverage (PPO) at a group rate. Rates are subject to increase each year. For information on co-pays, deductibles, etc. please view the attached conversion matrix.

There is a 30 day probationary period after you apply. Your insurance will not be effective until the 1st day of the month following the expiration of the 30 day probationary period. [Note: the 30 day probationary period can be waived in the event of certain circumstances. You must contact the E Group directly if you believe that your circumstances may justify a waiver.] 

Your application to BCBS must be made within the first 30 days of your employment. If you fail to apply within the first 30 days of employment, barring a "qualifying event", you will have to wait and apply during the BCBS open enrollment period (January of each year). A “qualifying event” is usually the loss of other health care coverage for an unanticipated reason.

Private Healthcare Exchange
In addition to the BCBS Group Plan, The E Group is proud to announce the launch of its own private Health Care Exchange. The goal of the Health Care Exchange is to reduce the overwhelming and ever-increasing costs of medical insurance to our employees. The Health Care Exchange will reduce costs of Health Insurance by increasing competition amongst the medical insurance providers. The Health Care Exchange allows the individual employee to tailor a medical insurance plan to meet his or her own needs. The Exchange allows the individual employee to enter data, such as desired co-pay, desired deductible, desired coverage and other data that the insurance providers use to calculate rates. Based on this information, the Exchange will return to the individual multiple premium quotes from multiple insurance providers. The Exchange also provides a toll free number with highly trained experts who are tasked with answering any questions you may have regarding the proposed plans. The experts can be used by you as a sounding board for making an informed decision on the plans presented.

Keep in mind that this will be an individual plan, tailored to fit your individual needs. You will pay the premiums directly to the Insurance provider. However, you will still receive the benefits of a pre-tax deduction from your pay check. How is this possible? The Affordable Care Act.

By its very nature, a broad one-size fits-all legislative Act, The Affordable Care Act, has many pros and many cons. One of its pros is that it seeks to eliminate the traditional Group Health Plan format. The traditional Group Plan format demands that a family of 4 pay the exact same as a family of 6. Further, the Group Plan format necessitates that the rates of an individual plan remain high in order to help offset the costs of the number of family plans in a single Group. One reason that this outdated format has remained popular is that employers are allowed to deduct premium payments from its employees pre-tax. The vehicle that the employer uses to accomplish this is known as a “Cafeteria Plan”.  One way in which The Affordable Care Act promotes the elimination of the traditional Group Plan format is allowing individual employees, who purchase their own medical insurance via its employers private health care exchange, to utilize the employers cafeteria plan; thereby insuring that the premium payments are withheld pre-tax.

How does the pre-tax deduction work?
A third party administrator (TPA) of the health care exchange will remit 100% of the premium withholdings to you, via a credit to your bank account.  For example, if you sign up for a plan with a $200.00 monthly premium, then you will be set up for a payroll deduction in the amount of $100 to take place twice each month. This $100 will be withheld from your paycheck, pre-tax. The entire $100.00 will then be credited back to your bank account by the TPA. You can then use the $100 to make your monthly premium payment.

The use of a TPA also provides The E Group with the flexibility to offer an HSA via the exchange. The HSA can be combined with a high deductible plan to fit your individual needs. If you choose the HSA option, then this money will also be deducted from your paycheck, pre-tax, and distributed to your newly established HSA account by the TPA.

In addition to pre-tax benefits, the Exchange provides you the opportunity to take advantage of several wellness programs, free of charge, as well as prescription drug discounts. The exchange also provides you with the opportunity to receive quotes and acquire supplemental insurance, such as dental, vision and critical illness. 

Things to keep in mind:
Since it is an individual plan, you will need to qualify with the individual provider. This can take up to thirty days. 

You will be required to pay a month’s premium in advance of the effective date of the policy. This first premium payment will not be payroll deducted, and will therefore not be pre-tax.

Since your plan is an individual plan, it follows you as long as you make the premium payments. This means that a separation of employment does not equate to a loss of health insurance. You can continue to make the premium payments on your own, they will simply not be payroll deducted. 

Since your plan is an individual plan, you are not eligible for COBRA. COBRA rates are typically more than the premium payments withheld from your paycheck.  So with the exchange rates, you will not be subject to an increase in premium payments, in the event your employment ends. 

You may visit the Exchange anytime at It is password protected, so please ask a recruiter for further information.

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